Saturday, 21 July 2012

Promotional Stubby Coolers for Summer Events

Promotional Zipper Drink Coolers Hot days and summer sunshine make you long for something cold to quench your thirst.  Picnics become things to do and afford a great opportunity for friends to get together.  After the long Australian winter, you want to get out and soak up some sun.  Once you have been out in the sun for a bit you begin to fanaticise about a long drink of cold beer.  That is when you reach for your stubby cooler.
Stubby coolers are popular on long drives on Australia’s never end roads or for picnics.  They are most convenient and a great way to promote your brand.  You may be a sports company or in some way connected with outdoor activities.  You may be a beverage company.  Your customers would be happy to have a stubby cooler so what better way to build up your brand than by distributing promotional stubby coolers?

Wrap Around Cooler
If you are planning to run some promotions between October to March, you need to start planning latest by May.  Evaluate different corporate gift ideas, contact vendors.  Stubby coolers are light and occupy very little place.  Numerous branding options are available on them.  They will also be in great demand.  So if you intend to distribute a large number of stubby coolers, work backwards.  Start planning by May.  Get quotations and bring in your design agency to design the branding.  Place your orders latest by July so that you receive them latest by end-August.  In September they can be despatched to the various locations, along with your other promotional products for the season and they can start being used.


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