Monday, 27 August 2012

Custom Stationery: Professionalism at its Finest

The mark of a good company is how they demonstrate business professionalism, and one of the most evident ways to show this is through the use of custom stationery. Your correspondence to a client is best sent using custom stationery which includes envelopes, stickers, pens or pencils, stamps, post its, folders, and even calendars all designed using the company’s logo.

Stationeries are not just great for communicating with clients or being used in seminars or talks but these are also great ways to reinforce your brand. Aside from getting high quality products to which the official design will be stamped on, one of the more important factors to consider when it comes to designing your stationery include creating a professional looking pattern that will make it unique and distinct from all the others.

When creating your stationery, include all important information such as contact details, address, and websites. Aside from the pattern or logo to be used, the font size and type is also of much importance. Pick a font style and size that can be easily read. And lastly, as the saying goes “Less is More” so a minimalistic design pattern works best.

Aside from using stationery for business meetings and gatherings, these can also be used as corporate gifts and giveaways. You can stamp your logo or pattern design on items such as pens, CDs, lanyards, folders, and sticky notes which are great souvenirs items especially during a seminar. Whether you use these items as complimentary gifts or business meeting items, stamping them with a logo unique only to the company will definitely leave a good impression on your clients.